# What is this ⦿ Vault and How to use it This vault is an online archive of my work. Here you will find a structured collection of my projects organised by year and category. In addition to the projects themselves, you will discover a wealth of valuable information through the various *[[links]]* scattered throughout the archive. Each project also includes a *log* of resources and process notes, giving insight into projects. Explore the ever-changing **⦿ Vault** to gain a deeper understanding of the process. - -- ##### Quick Links: - [[Selected Projects]] - [[2023]] - [[2022]] - [[2021]] - [[2020]] - [[2019]] - [[2018]] - [[2017]] - [[2016]] - Categories - [[3D]] [[AI]] [[Animation]] [[Drawing]] [[Electronic]] [[Event]] [[Exhibition]] [[Generative]] [[Graphic]] [[Installation]] [[Interactive]] [[Light]] [[Object]] [[Projection]] [[Sound]] [[Typography]] [[Sound]] [[Video]] - [[ Working On]] - [[Daily Practice]] - [[CV]] ##### Contact: [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/kindl.work/) [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) - -- # Now on Display ### [Medialab* Back to the Future](https://www.vsvu.sk/sk/udalosti/QXenZJOx/medialab-back-to-the-future-08282023/) ![[Medium_ML_IG_Post_4-1080x1080.jpg]] - -- # Recent projects ![[banner receptor 2.jpg]] ### [[Receptor]] *The interactive installation Receptor explores the issue of incompleteness of knowledge and the process of perception.* [[2023]] - -- ![[banner cyklus svetla 2.jpg]] ### [[Cyklus Svetla]] *Panoramic projection created for the collective exhibition [Light Cube](https://www.sng.sk/sk/vystavy/3335_light-cube) at the Ľudovít Fulla Gallery. The 60 m wide projection in the main hall features abstract visuals that tell a story about light and its effects.* [[2023]] - -- ![[Perception Lab banner.jpg]] ### [[Perception Lab]] *Research on perceptions and environmental phenomena that affect us. From the research laboratory leaves machines acquired by sensory perception. They appear as electrified organisms responding directly to their environment.* [[2022]] - -- # About me #### Let's challenge the status quo. My work focuses on new media and installations based on light, sound and interactivity. I am interested in how technology affects our relationship to the world, and therefore I use it to give it a new purpose. Through immersive and interactive elements I try to provide a way to allow us to see and understand even elusive concepts. I enjoy documenting the process and exploring dead ends that lead nowhere. — Antonín Kindl *(born in 2000, Czech Republic) (study at [VŠVU](https://www.vsvu.sk/en/) Bratislava) (work at [32b studio](https://32b.cz/))* - -- ![[04 Making of copy.jpg]] - *Making of [[Kontinuum]] project (2022)* ![[01 Portrait .jpg]] - *3D Portrait for [32b](https://32b.cz) [[32b Web]]* # Not sure where to begin? Take a look at some [[Selected Projects]] - -- *This site uses cookies for the improvement of your experience and for gathering necessary analytics.*